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Vics Video Vault - Now Under Construction

Over the course of my years at Victory Baptist Church we have had many videos for different occasions. I am in the process of putting them all here in one spot for your viewing pleasure.

Random Skits and Commercials shown during Victory Vision Night Events.

Dallas Brown is a star in the making. Check out some of these awesome videos.


Dallas Brown Videos

Getting to the Top - The Dallas Brown Documentary

This video was for the 2010 Youth Explosion teen activity at Victory Baptist Church. The theme this year was based on the popular TV gameshow WipeOut. This video was shown at the beginning of the event to introduce "guest contestant" Dallas Brown. Most of our previous videos were fun and goofy, but with this video I tried to create something with more substance. That was not a very smart decisions. I think the only person who liked this video... was my mother.

Gotta Get on the Price is Right

This video was shown for the 2011 Youth Explosion teen activity. The theme this year was The Price is Right. This video was shown just before we started the game and Dallas made it just in time to be our final contestant.

Can you name the 2 old TV show theme-songs used in this video?

Dallas Brown - On Fire

This is some unedited video of Dallas on fire - a scene from "Gotta Get on the Price is Right". Do not try this at home - Dallas is a paid professional.

Dallas Brown - climbing Stone Mtn

This is what really happens when your "talent" thinks you are filming a mountain climbing scene. - from Getting to the Top - The Dallas Brown Documentary

Texas Pete Commercial

Dallas Brown celebrity endorser - from Getting to the Top - The Dallas Brown Documentary


...More Coming Soon

The Basement - The War at Victory 2012 Commercial

This was a commercial for The War at Victory 2012. Dallas is usually a nice guy, but he shows his range in this video. Dallas is a Drill Instructor!

Victory Vision Night Videos

06 Minutes - Reporting on the "Call to Victory" Campaign 2007

This was a fun video created for the 2007 Victory Vision Night. The theme for the year was "the Call to Victory" as the church made plans to build a new auditorium on the property. Here we see some under cover reporting by the 06 Minutes program and their concern about some of the planning.

Sonic Commercial - Victory Vision Night 2009

This was a commercial created for 2009 Victory Vision Night. Sorry for the poor quality, but this is vintage stuff!

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